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.Song : Donít cry
Donít cry

AmiTalk to me Dmisoftly

GThereís something Cin Emiyour Amieyes

Donít hang your head in sorrow

And please donít cry

I know how you feel inside now

Iíve been there before

Somethingís changiní inside you

And donít you know

ģ: FDonít you Gcry toniAmight

I still love you baby

Donít you cry tonight

FDonít you Gcry tonigCht

Thereís Ha heaven above you baby

FAnd donít Gyou cry Amitonight

Give me a whisper

And give me a sign

Give me a kiss before you

Tell me good bye

Donít you take it so hard now

And please donít take it so bad

Iíll still be thinking of you

And the times we had... baby

ģ: And please remember

That I never lied

And please remember

How I felt inside now honey

You gotta make it your own way

But youíll be alright now sugar

Youíll feel better tomorow

Come the morning light now baby

And donít you cry tonight

An donít you cry tonight

An donít you cry tonight

Donít you ever cry

Donít you cry tonight

Baby maybe someday

Donít you cry

Donít you ever cry tonight

Donít you cry


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