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.Song : Wonderful tonight
Wonderful tonight

GIt's late in the eveningD/F#

Cshe's wond'ring what clothesD to wear

Gshe put's on her makeD/F# up

Cand brushes her longD blonde hair

Cand the she asks D me

GDo IG/F# look alright Em

And I say C"Yes you look

Dwonderful tonight G

We go to a party

And everyone turns to see

This beautiful lady

Is walking around with me

And then she asks me

"Do you feel alright?"

And I say,"Yes I feel wonderful tonight."

I feelC wonderful becauseD I see the loveG

light inD/F# your eyesEm

Then theC she wonder of it allD

is that youC just don't realizeD

how much I love youG

It's time to go home now

And I've got an aching head

So I give her the car keys

And she helps me to bed

And then I tell her

As I turn out the light

I say,"My darling,

You look wonderful tonight.

Oh myC darling,

You areD wonderful tonight."G


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