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.Song : Im A Believer (Shrek)
Im A Believer (Shrek)

Verse 1:

GI thought love was Donly true in Gfairy tales

GMeant for someone Delse but not for Gme.

CLove was out to Gget me

CThat's the way it Gseemed.

CDisappointment Ghaunted all my Ddreams.


Then I saw her Gface C

Now I'm a beGliever C

Not a Gtrace C

Of doubt in my Gmind C

I'm in Glove, C

I'm a beGliever!

I couldn't Fleave her

If I Dtried.

Verse 2:

GI thought love was Dmore or less a Ggiven thing,

GSeems the more I Dgave the less I Ggot

CWhat's the use in Gtrying?

CAll you get is Gpain.

CWhen I needed Gsunshine I got Drain.



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