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.Song : Donīt bother
Donīt bother

EmShe's got the kind of look that defies gravity. C

AmShe's the perfect cook, and she'Cs fat-free.

EmShe's been to private school, and she speaks

Amperfect French. She's got her perfect friends,

oh, isn'Ct she cool.

EmShe practices Tai Chi, she'd never lose Cher nerve.

AmShe's more than you deserve, oh she's just farC

better than me, hey hey.

GSo don't Dbother, I won't die of deAmceptionC.

GPromise you wonD't ever see me cry. Am C

GSo don't botherD, I'll be fine, but she's AmwaitingC.

GThe ring you gaDve to her will lose it's shAmine. C

CmSo don't bother, be unkind.

I bet she doesn't know how to touch you like I would.

I beat her at that one good, don't you think so?

She's almost six feet tall, she must think I'm a flea.

I'm really a cat, you see, and this is not my last life at all.


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